The Daily Struggle

My Blipfoto 365 project struggles on. The need to find an image daily, any image, seems to be working against me and the quality of the images suffers as I focus on the daily requirement and my theme.

Is it the theme that is the problem? I have been sounding thoughts about dropping that and perhaps just going out into the bay each day to see what might be seen.

Or is it the fact that I have two Blipfoto accounts that is causing me to stumble? I created one especially for the project and now I think that was a little silly... especially since I paid to be a life member on my original account.

So now I have no idea what to do. I could struggle on with an artificial theme or I can concentrate on filling my original and paid space. Should I simply abandon my theme and its account and simply concentrate on making sure that I have one image a day that simply documents my life.

Oh, I don't know!

Anyway, here's the latest uploads from the 365 project - you can perhaps see what I mean about the deterioration/lack of inspiration that comes from being boxed in to the numbers/date thing. I have at least made my century. Only two hundred and sixty-odd struggles ahead of me now.

For full details of why I used each of these, see Blipfoto. My "real" Blipfoto account is here.

96Kettletoft Bay - the reference was to the song 96 tears.
99The atomic element Einsteinium has the Atomic number 99. Einstein's famous equation references a quotation.
100 K100, Revelry, tied up at Kirkwall
101Gathering 101 Dalmations together on Sanday seemed infeasible. Here's Nell instead. Every 365 needs Gratuitous Pet content.

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